Best Christmas Wedding Venues

Christmas Wedding Venues

Christmas is a special time to have your wedding. Winter is a season commonly associated with family, closeness, and intimacy, which are important aspects of any wedding. Weddings in any climate can incorporate aspects of winter and Christmas in an array of beautiful venues!

Best Christmas Wedding Venues: Cold Climates

Unless you want to brave the snow in an outdoor park à la Miranda in Sex and the City, it is probably a good idea to spare yourself and your guests the winter chill. Here are some good indoor places to consider:

  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Art galleries or museums
  • At home (for small guest lists!)

If you do decide to have your ceremony outdoors, here are a few ideas to make it a bit more comfortable:

  • Accessorize:  Match a dramatic shawl or coat to your gown to stay warm
  • Consolidate locations: Have your ceremony in a space very close to your reception to avoid winter transportation obstacles like snow or ice
  • Practical footwear: Look for close-toed, low shoes so you don’t slip
  • Communicate with guests: Make it clear on your invitations that the ceremony will be outside so your guests can dress accordingly!

Since winter isn’t as popular of a wedding season as the summer, it may be easier for you to book the most popular wedding venues in your area. But keep in mind that the holiday season is a busy time for other types of receptions and parties, so it may be difficult to reserve community venues often used for such events.

Best Christmas Wedding Venues: Warm Climates

Living in sunnier, warmer places gives you much more freedom in choosing Christmas wedding venues. The above list for cold climates provides good indoor locations. But to make the most out of your warm climate, also consider some outdoor venues like:

  • Parks
  • Scenic college campuses
  • Wineries
  • Personal yards and gardens

If you live in a warmer climate but worry about how to maintain a Christmas or wintery theme, consider the following tips:

  • Focus on colors commonly associated with Christmas, like red, green, or gold, or wintery colors like metallic silvers and whites
  • Add touches of sparkles and metallics in your decorations to evoke ice and snow
  • Look for reception venues with fireplaces to add a cozy, wintery feel
  • Feature some homey winter drinks, like hot chocolate or cider

Best Christmas Wedding Venues: Destination Weddings

If you live in a snowy state or simply want to marry in a different and beautiful location, destination weddings are a wonderful choice. If you want to escape snow, try traveling to a warmer state or country and staying in a resort. Many resorts offer destination wedding packages, which simplify your wedding planning and provide packages to accommodate guests. Or if you live in a warmer climate and want to keep in the theme of your Christmas wedding, traveling to a ski resort in towns like Aspen or Jackson Hole provides a rustic, wintery feel. Remember that Christmastime is a popular travel time, so make your plans well in advance to give your guests time to find affordable travel rates.

By Theresa Iker

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