Best Outside Wedding Ideas

Outside Wedding Ideas

Are you trying to find some unique outside wedding ideas?  Having an outside wedding is something many people don’t consider when it comes to their wedding.  Not only is beautiful during certain parts of the year, but allows your guests more room to mingle.  While there are plenty of summer and spring wedding ideas, available, very few people focus on the other time of year that is beautiful to have a wedding – fall.  Even though many people don’t consider it, there are many amazing outside fall wedding ideas that are not only beautiful, but fairly cheap!

Best Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Fall

While spring and summer may be popular for weddings, they also have the most unpredictable weather.  Quite a few couples have their weddings ruined in these seasons, due to windy, storming weather, leaving them spending most of their wedding day in a tent.  To be able to enjoy the most of your outdoor wedding, consider having a beautiful fall outdoor wedding.  By having an outdoor fall wedding, you are allowing yourself to take advantage of:

  • Outside Wedding Pictures
  • Outside Wedding Flowers & Leaves
  • Fall Colors
  • Comfortable Temperatures

To the surprise of many couples, most guests even prefer outdoor wedding that take place in this season.  With a variety of different themes, you can create the perfect outdoor wedding that your guests will not forget anytime soon!

Outside Wedding Decorations & Ideas

When it comes to wedding decorations for your outdoor wedding, it is important to remember that you can take advantage of wedding festivals in your area.  Instead of paying for expensive decorations, talk to your local fall festival or Renaissance festival.  Most of these festivals are happy to let you use their decorations during off hours or let you have your wedding during the festival itself.  By doing this, you can save money on outdoor wedding centerpieces and other expensive decorations.   If its part of the festival, they may even be able to help you come up with a unique outside wedding cakes that are unique for your wedding.

If there are no festivals going on in your areas, you may also want to consider having your wedding at a state park.  Many parks have beautiful flower gardens and gardens allowing you to use these gardens and the trees themselves as part of your decorations.  In case of bad weather, many of these parks also facilities that you can rent for the day, giving you a great backup plan for your outdoor wedding.

Best Outside Wedding Dresses for Fall

When it comes to fall wedding dresses, it is important that you pick out an outside wedding dress that can stand up to the cold.  While short wedding dresses are great for warmer weather, they are not the best for fall weddings.  To make sure you stay comfortable during you wedding, pick a wedding dress that has a shawl or purchase a fancy cloak to keep you warm during the event.  You will thank yourself for it if it ends up being cold on your wedding day.

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max May 31, 2011 at 7:24 pm

Great ideas for flowers. Thanks for that as I am arranging function coming up.

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