Real Simple Wedding Centerpieces: Elegant Table Decoration Ideas

simple wedding centerpieces

Are you looking for some simple wedding centerpieces?   Planning a wedding on a budget can be quite challenging.  While we all want our wedding decorations to look beautiful, this can sometimes be challenging with the cost of most decorations.  Small wedding centerpieces are one way that may people cut back, but this can look out of proportion on large tables, leaving you frustrated when it comes to your wedding centerpieces.  Luckily, there are many well known simple and inexpensive wedding centerpieces that will save your wedding budget.

Best Simple Wedding Centerpieces: Beauty on a Budget

Many of us assume that wedding decorations have to be a large portion of our wedding budget.  While this may be true in most cases, this doesn’t have to be the case.  One way that many couples back on costs is by using simple wedding centerpieces.   Quite a few brides assume that simple means less elegant, which is far from the case!

Some of the most well known wedding contractors and services use simple wedding table centerpieces to put more emphasis on other decorations and party favors at the table.  This will give a more elegant feel to your wedding and put more attention on other parts of your wedding.  When looking at real simple wedding centerpieces, you will find the following types of centerpieces:

  • Simple Fall & Other Seasonal Wedding Centerpieces
  • Simple Floral Wedding Centerpieces
  • Simple Candle Centerpieces

Creating Simple Candle Centerpieces

One of the most elegant items used to create simple wedding centerpieces is candles.  For centuries, candles have been used not only as light, but a simple way to set the mood for an event.  Best of all, candles are fairly inexpensive, allowing you to create cheap wedding centerpieces that look elegant.  Quite a few wedding planners use mirrors along with candles as centerpieces, giving an elegant look on the table, allowing a lit candle to reflect in the mirror, giving a beautiful look that your guests will enjoy.  Best of all, many decorated and scented candles can also be handed out as wedding favors, allowing your guests to have a gift from your wedding that they can enjoy at home as well!

Best DIY Simple Wedding Centerpieces

If you are wanting simple, but elegant wedding centerpieces on a budget, the best thing you can do is make your own centerpieces.   Many couples assume that you have to buy expensive centerpieces, but most of these simple ideas can easily be made by your wedding party.  Just by visiting a craft store, you can create just about any centerpiece!  Best of all,, your guests won’t know that you cut corners with these decorations since they will look amazing!  With the right simple wedding centerpiece ,you can make any wedding looking amazing.

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shabnam November 17, 2011 at 8:29 am

hello i want you send me gift and favors picters plese thankyou

Jeanne September 17, 2012 at 12:30 pm

I am planning the wedding and it will be on the beach. Would like to have simple wedding. Need more ideas! Thank you

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