Average Wedding Budget Breakdown

wedding budget breakdown

Having a wedding budget breakdown early in your wedding planning is important to make sure you don’t go over your budget.  Everyone knows that wedding are expensive, especially with costs rising every day.  By knowing the average wedding cost breakdown, you can put together a realistic budget for your wedding.  While budgeting your wedding is far from easy, it is necessary to make sure that you aren’t overpaying for your wedding.  Luckily, finding known wedding expenses and costs breakdown sheets is easy, as long as you know the right places to look.

Wedding Budget Breakdown: Using a Wedding Budget Planner

While all of us may want to think that weddings are cheap, this is far from the truth.  One of the best ways to keep a wedding manageable is having a wedding budget breakdown before you even start purchasing anything for your wedding.   When start to create a budget for your wedding, it is important that you use a variety of tools to help create your budget.  The most well known tools include:

  • Using a Wedding Budget Calculator
  • Using a Wedding Budget Planner
  • Typical Wedding Expenses Breakdown

With these tools, you can get an estimated budget for your wedding, depending on the size of your wedding and its theme.  Once you have an estimated budget, you can begin planning your wedding by knowing the average wedding budget percentage breakdown to see how much you can realistically spend on each aspect of your wedding.

Average Wedding Budget Percentages


For many couples, nothing s more discouraging than seeing how much certain aspects of their wedding truly cost.  We all want our wedding to be as inexpensive as possible, especially if we are having a large wedding.    Below, is the typical wedding budget breakdown, allowing you to see what portion of your budget will be used for each part of your wedding.

Reception 45%
Wedding Clothes 10%
Photography 10%
Music 10%
Flowers 8%
Cake 3%
Officient 3%


While some couples can go below these averages percentages with their wedding, most stay along this average.  To better plan your wedding, use these percentages in your wedding budget breakdown to see the maximum you can spend on each of these areas of your wedding.

Budgeting your Wedding:  Staying on Budget


In a perfect world, we will all stay on budget when it comes to our wedding.  Most couples, however, will go slightly over budget, even with planning.  To make sure you go as little over budget as possible, know the maximum you can spend on your wedding by correcting budgeting your wedding.  If you are having issues finding the correct budget for your wedding, it is highly recommended that you talk with a professional wedding planner.  Many planners can help you cheaply set a budget, allowing you to have the perfect wedding without breaking your bank.

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