Wedding Seating Chart Template: Organizing Your Wedding Day

wedding seating chart template

While some people think that wedding seating charts aren’t necessary, they are a very important part of your reception.  Without one, it can be very easy to not plan enough seating, or worse, forget someone.

Making Your Own Wedding Seating Chart Template

If you are someone who is very handy on the computer, you can make your own wedding seating chart template in very little time.  Many people prefer to do this using PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs like the one below.

While making your own wedding seating chart template may be a bit of work, you will thank yourself for it on the day before your wedding when you are setting up the tables. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, consider using Google Spreadsheets, which are free. You can also buy a wedding template program, which often have options and templates for name cards, making it easier and more elegant when you are setting up your reception hall.

Why Use Wedding Seating Charts

When many of us start thinking about seating charts, we are left thinking about the charts our teachers made for us in grade school.  Thinking about that, we can’t imagine doing this to our wedding guests, but sometimes, having assigned seating is simply a necessity.  Some of the reasons why many couples use a seating chart for their reception is:

  • Keeping Family Members Together
  • Avoiding Conflict
  • Keeping the Wedding Party Together

Many people who have not used wedding seating charts learned very quickly how bad of an idea it can be, especially when conflicting family members start feuding.  For this reason, it is best to have a wedding seating chart template in hand before your wedding even begins.

Free Seating Chart Templates on the Internet

Some people have found that some of the programs that are available for purchase can be a bit annoying, making it necessary for you to find a free wedding seating chart template online. While many of these templates are made using Microsoft products, you can usually print out a blank sheet by using a free word document reader.

Some of the most well known sites that provide these free templates are:

Once you have your wedding seating chart template in hand, you can begin worrying about the important stuff, like getting married in a few hours.

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